The world carries it.
The mud. The tar. The sludge. The waste.
The tears. The blood. The pain. The death.

The land, raped of its undying beauty for the benefit of intangible power structures existing only in the collective minds of so-called “civilized nations.”

The people of the land, unwilling to be subjugated and enslaved, instead massacred in what can only be called anything but genocide in the institutions built directly over those bodies, taught with a smile.

The people of other lands, robbed of their homes, their families, their humanity, given willingly nothing but chains, beatings, death, and enough trauma to survive centuries, commodified and sold into the self-preserving plantation that still lives to date, lacking even slightest notion of dismantlement by the entities that manufactured it.

The plantation, constantly adapting to modern constraints, never ceasing in its aim, once again stealing people, stealing lives, now behind iron bars and cement walls, marginalized and forgotten by a disillusioned society made to believe that the institutions that facilitate industrial dehumanization are the ones that protect an objective justice.

The hunger, beginning in the stomach and reaching its tentrils into every crevace of one’s atrophic body until the only stimulus their brain can register is the pain of their own self-consumption.

The bombs, which civilians should be honored to be executed by, as they come from the Greatest Country in the World.

The billions of shells drawn from the bullets forced into the flesh of horrified onlookers, their lifeless bodies, agony permanently casted into their faces, their blood manifesting itself buried under the thick pavement of the hottest new shopping center, constantly seducing you to buy any variety of commodities built to stimulate every last neurotransmitter in your body until there is nothing left, the only exception being more profit for those who already control you like a marionette.

The power.

The money.

The world carries it.

Do you feel the weight?
In a system built to ensure that the less you are of what another has to carry, the more you take on yourself?