hey! im wonton and this is my silly little site where i put my silly little art. i dont actually have an art page or working music page yet and a lot of these pages are old asf but im working on it dont rush me ;-;
till then, feel free to look around and dig up some unsettling shit in here :)


6/17/21---Added the about page!

6/16/21---Compressed images on the art page, no more 20mb files lol

6/15/21---Art page added!

6/4/21----Made photosensitivity warning come before content and added a more accessible version of the site.

6/3/21----New homepage and updates to various other pages. To go back to the old homepage, click here

5/24/21---Site is back up.

3/22/21---Site goes completely down, lost some changes.

11/15/20---Site created! (Changes made after this were not recorded).